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2015.05至今,澳门新葡亰平台官网生命科学官网 副教授

2010.08 – 2014.09,荷兰瓦格宁根大学 获博士学位

2013.11 – 2013.12,美国普林斯顿大学 访问博士

2007.09 – 2010.06,南京大学生态学?? 获硕士学位

2003.09 – 2007.06,南京大学生物技术 获学士学位





Huang ZYX*, van Langevelde F, Prins HHT, de Boer WF. 2015. Dilution versus Facilitation: impact of connectivity on disease risk in metapopulations. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 376: 66-73.

Huang ZYX*, Xu C, van Langevelde F, Prins HHT, Ben Jebara K, de Boer WF. 2014. Dilution effect and identity effect by wildlife in the persistence and recurrence of bovine tuberculosis. Parasitology. 141:981-987

Xu C & Huang ZYX, Chi T, Chen BJW, Zhang M, Liu M*. 2014. Can local landscape attributes explain species richness patterns at macroecological scales? Global Ecology and Biogeography 23: 436-445.

Huang ZYX*, de Boer WF, van Langevelde F, Xu C, Ben Jebara K, Berlingieri F, Prins HHT. 2013. Dilution effect in bovine tuberculosis: risk factors for regional disease occurrence in Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Series 280: 20130624

Huang ZYX*, de Boer WF, van Langevelde F, Olson V, Blackburn TM, Prins HHT. 2013. Species’ life-history traits explain interspecific variation in reservoir competence: a possible mechanism underlying the dilution effect. PloS One 8(1): e54341

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